Monday, May 29, 2006

The Prescription for Contentment

So, my medication hasn't been working all that well lately. I've been moody and really depressed. Tonight I thought I'd try something extra strength: Eating Dove milk chocolate until I'm sick and listening to James Blunt's Your Beautiful until my ears bleed. How is this my life?

My plan worked. I am too sick from chocolate to be depressed and I never want to hear James Blunt ever again. You would think with a last name like Blunt he wouldn't go the obvious route and use drug references in his music whiny bitch fest set to a melody . I wonder if he got laid by that girl he wrote the song for. Just something to think about.


Haystacks said...

James Blunt makes me want to stap someone with my Gun. My Zoloft has been working good latley. What do you use

Esther said...

I take Lamictal and Paxil. I've only been on them for a month or so. They worked fine for the two weeks.

Jack said...

Caution: alcahol may intensify the effect of this medicine

Esther said...

Actually, no it doesn't. If it did, I wouldn't have a problem, would I?

*And I hardly think you can consider B&J alcohol.

Haystacks said...

Yeah, it does not really make you drowsier either. Goddam Liars. Liars!

Why the hell did I write *stap* That is not ever a word. I meant to write *STAB*

I guess it could be a combination of words. Like "stab" and "strep (throat)"
Like, "I was really sick to I staped myself in the throat to make it stop. But it did not even work because then I bled to death and died. But at least I am not coughing anymore."