Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rock is Dead..Long Live Paper and Scissors

Stuff that is affecting my world:
♣ I'm starting to regret being so witty and intelligent (haha) in my previous posts. Don't expect too much out of me people! It takes all of brain cells to be this beautiful and, then on top of that, witty. I'm trying to save as many as possible (brain cells) to kill in college with binge drinking, trying injectable drugs with dirty needles and lots of unprotected sex with dirty frat boys who will have forgotten my name by the next morning...oh college....the fun that awaits.
♣ When I worry about the fact that I might not get into college I just think to myself, if the whores on Girls Gone Wild can do it, so can I.
♣ I've been thinking about deleting my Myspace profile. I'm justing getting so sick of the 12 year old hooker wannabes and the crappy bands that keep requesting to be my friend (what part of "You suck" don't those assholes understand?). Oh, and the bulletins. We can't forget about the motherfucking bulletins. Yes, you're right. I hate my mother just because I won't repost your lame ass thing. I want a madman to break into my house and kill me in the middle of the night just like Cindy Lou. Yes, I am a "fake friend, so please delete me so I don't have to be subjected to your dumbass, misspelled, half-retarded bulletins for another goddamn minute. Please! Do it now! Or better yet, I'll do it for you, you prick.
And don't even get me started on the top 8. How dare Levi try to put a band before me!
And that's just it.
You get so caught up in it.
Do you know that the average myspacer spends about two hours on myspace a day. Do you know how much time that is? 1460 hours in 2 years! Holy shit. Just imagine what you could be doing with that time:
1. Making a time machine, so that you can go back five years and kill Tom so myspace wouldn't exist.
2. Make a house out a bottle caps....a full sized house.
3. Learn to juggle running chainsaws (try to master it with them off first)
3. Play dryland Marco Polo. Always fun.
4. Watch TV and study the commercials. Try to pick up on subliminal messages.
5. type.like.this.to.see.who.complains.about.it.first.
6. Blog ; )
7. Plot on how to take over the world...because you know Tom is plotting as we speak...or...um....I type.
What if he actually shut Myspace down? I think there would be riots. Emo and Scene kids from all across suburbia would hurl thier computers threw the windows of area Starbuck's because there would be not place for them to post their pictures they took themselves, using the "angles", to show off their shitty emo hair stypes that look like they cut it themselves but in all actuallity they paid someone to do that to them.
♣ On a related "Myspace Hairstyle" note:
Check this Out.
♣ Just remember to come back....I haven't figured out how to make links open to a seperate page. If you don't some back, I'll be sad...or not...because I won't know...but you will and I'd hate for something like that to weigh on your conscience. So do yourelf a favor and don't forget to backtrack.

And until the next entry, much love readers....may you all live long and prosper (or whatever the Star Trek geeks say) ; )
PS-The name of this blog entry comes from the fact that I stumbled upon a Rock, paper, scissors tutorial site...How lame is that? Now I've played R,P,S before but I have never looked up tips on how to get better at it.


AboutPaula said...

Oh wow, that is cool. I have a myspace too and my housemate does spend about 3/4 of her day on there. Its really odd!

We alos have a friend who is exactly like the emo/scene person you were on about and does the same photos as those on the other page. ITs really odd.

AboutPaula said...

Can I also say that your flat stanley's are really good. I absolutly love that book (which has suddenly appeared at home somehow). There was a film too, I dont you if you knew that. It was quite random :)

Mark Base said...

Do I detect a slight note of bitterness?
Oh, please-please-please be my friend! I've got music on my site, and I could get the haircut of your choice.

Love the blog. Keep it up!

Catwmn said...

Oh yeah...dont you love the people who write.like.this? I despise it....(You know who I am talking about..)
Or How about the people who write like this?

Wudnt it b gr8 if we got 2gether 2nite?
Misspelling and adding numbers into words is grounds for immediate extermination..(or at least that's the way I feel..

Love ya,