Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Zen and the Art of the Teen Blog

I'm not a stupid person.
I even like to think of myself as intelligent from time to time.
But I think that the one thing that has helped me most through out my life is common sense.
COMMON SENSE. Just the ability to look at the situation and say, "I better keep my mouth shut because what I say might comeback and bite me in the ass when I begin my campaign for president."
I'm beginning to doubt that some teen bloggers have this capability.

You know what? I'm not even going to call them bloggers..that would be and insult to everyone who keeps a real blog...not just a blowhorn about how then got "So wasted" last weekend and ran over their neighbor's prized fish shaped mail box.
It's called the internet, people.
Hundreds of millions (maybe even a billion) people have access to it.
It's not just some little thing that you and your friends found afterschool, waiting for TRL to come on.
Anyone can find anything they want....even you parents.
Remember that the next time you go on a blogging bitch session about how you cut yourself, do X and get drunk because your parents wouldn't drive you to the mall to buy Death Cab For Cutie (lamest band name ever) tickets because you made them wait for two hours so that you could get your eyeliner just right and have your hair do that flippy that guy in that band can do.

I know most of my regular readers are asking themselves, "What guy? What band? Did I miss something?"
No you didn't miss anything. Just another pointless rant by me.

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Catwmn said...

Hmm..Are we both thinking of the same Emo Freak? Does her name begin with an L??? Hmm...LOL
Sounds about right...