Monday, June 05, 2006

Show some Humility

There is 1 chance in 140 trillion (140,000,000,000,000) that Earth should exist.
There is 1 chance in 795 billion (795,000,000,000) that life should have evolved on Earth.
There is 1 chance in 89 billion (89,000,000,000) that life should have evolved into mankind.
There is 1 chance in 12 billion (12,000,000,000) that mankind should have created the alphabet and thus civilization.
There is 1 chance in 6 billion (6,000,000,000) that your parents should have ever met and gotten together.
There is 1 chance in 90 million (90,000,000) that you should have been the lucky sperm that fertilized your mother's egg.

Just something to think about.

Sorry, Penguin.

I got this excerpt from a book called This Book Will Change Your Life: 365 Daily Instructions for Hysterical Living. You can find it here on Amazon if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

another reason I believe in God and that everything is His plan.


you should probably start citing your sources more often. like that tag*cloud thing? where did it come from?

Anonymous said...

aww, now I feel all bad. I'm sorry. That was very snipey of me. you could just ignore me when I'm bitchy like that...haha...

Anonymous said...

oh wait. waitwaitwaitwait. I know that book. I saw it in Books-a-Million once. I thought it was really awesome but too expensive to buy at the moment. Ah well. I will put it at the top of my to-buy list, shall I? toodles (and thanks, btw)