Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ruining the Bell Curve

My algebra class hates me.
I was worried that they would all catch me in the parking lot and take turns beating me up or something.
On Wednesday, we got the results of our first test.
The teacher wrote on the board:
107% - Highest
74% - Average
31% - Lowest

Then she called my name. I looked up and said, "Yes?"
She said, "Congratulations. You got a 107."

Oh. Shit.

I didn't hear most of the comments that followed because I was too busy invisioning myself in a mirrored plastic bubble that no one could see into but I could see out of. I know how weird that sounds but it's just what I do when I'm nervous.
However I did hear it when he woman who sits infront of me (I had her in my math class last semester) turned around and said, "Nerd".
I just smiles but I couldn't help but think, "Bitch, you're just jealous."

I'm not going to do less than my best just to appease people who don't like me to begin with and if they think I am, they are out of their mind. If someone needs help with the class, I will gladly tutor them (during my work hours, of course) or find someone else that can help them.


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