Friday, February 08, 2008


WAY too many people at school today.
I had no idea how popular Big Willy was.
I'm not even going to try to get into the performing arts center (where he is).
So, no Bill for me.

But somehow, I think I'll survive.

Oh, and I'm done with class for today. Waiting for 2pm so I can get off work.

Okay so I did get a chance to see him. His speech ended at around 1:45pm so when I was leaving school at 2, he was out in the quad area surrounded by security and students.
All I could think was, "Hey. That's Bill Clinton. He's not bad looking, you know, for an old guy."
I'm actually kind of glad I didn't get too close to him. I mean, I would have had to shake his hand and he's been shaking hands all day. No telling what kind of germs he's picked up.
And I also probably would have gotten caught in the moment and asked him to sign my boob.
I mean, I have to attend that school for a few more years to get my degree. I don't want to walk down the hall and have people say, "Hey, that's the girl who asked former president Bill Clinton to sign her boob."
Because that would be embarrassing.


Krys said...

I met Big Willy today!lol
So what school are you at?
Im at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Firefly said...

I'm at Baton Rouge Community College.
He came outside as I was leaving work. There were so many people crowding around him. It was crazy. :)

Krys said...

yeah he was at a restarunt by my school. I was liked crushed by the crowed and im like a hard person to movie around.

Jordan said...

Personally I think you should have gone for it. I would have paid someomeone upwards of fifty dollars to get him to do that. An extra twenty five if you could get him to draw a smiley face around your nipple.