Sunday, April 20, 2008


Been gone for a while but I'm back. :) I know you are all thrilled.
I need to find a new job. I work as a tutor at the college right now but since I am not taking summer classes, I can't work there during the summer. The rules say you have to be in school at least part time to work at the college. But whatever. I'll be back at work in the fall.
I've noticed a few signs in the area looking for pharmacy techs. Maybe I could do that. The only problem is that I don't have any experience or training, you know, other than doing alot of drugs.

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Jordan said...

I work at a pharmacy, and it's a sweet gig. But you can't actually work in one unless you have certification as a pharmacy technician. But you could probably be a "pharmacy clerk" which is basically checking people out and taking their information, just not filling any actual drugs.

And as far as the doing a lot of drugs thing, good for you. I've never done any drugs but for some reason I'm only friends with people who do. So congratulations if you ever move to Lake Charles, LA you already have an instilled friend base which would consist of only me.