Thursday, May 22, 2008

Toads and Jello Shots

Hello dear readers. If there is a spelling mistake in this short post, it is because I am typing it on my tiny Centro keyboard and has absolutely nothing to do with the jello shots I just had.
[insert drunk giggles here]
I was totally not "frolicking" on the patio stones, as Cathy puts it. Did I have frowers on my hair or was I wearing fairy wings?
See? No frolicking here.
I just didn't want to step on the frogs with my huge feet.
Oh and "He hates me to death." Hahaha.
How long did it take to read this post because it took me, like, 20 minutes to write it.


Jordan said...

Oh My God. You are my personal hero. Thank you for the amazing warhol pictures. If I ever somehow find myself in Baton Rouge (I only live like two hours away but I'm super lazy) I am totally going to make out with you.

P.S. Sorry if that last part kind of sounds like a threat. I probably wouldn't make out with actually, I'm not that kind of boy.

Firefly said...

Hahaha. It's okay Jordan. I've wanted to kiss you for some of the things you have said.
I'm just glad you like them. I have to admit, I kind of cheated. They took me less than a minute to do on this website:
Have fun. :)