Monday, July 14, 2008

Damn Blogger

I swear, this is the first time in a week that I have been able to get Blogger to load.
I've tried and tried and tried to get this relationship to work but if Blogger isn't careful and continues to neglect me and my blogging needs, I'll have to go crawling back to Vox....or worse, Wordpress.
What to say, what to say.
Oh, if someone doesn't stop using my razor, he's are going to find himself without eyebrows in the morning.


Jordan said...

I had this same problem a while back, if you have Office 2007 you can totally blog through it without ever even having to open a blogger window. It's incredible. So seriously, try that shit if you have it.

Also, welcome back cuntface.

Firefly said...

I have Office 2007 but I bought it from the school and it doesn't have OneNote. Which is fine with me because it was only $15.

Cuntface, huh? I'll take that as a term of endearment.