Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Photo of the Day

He's going to hate me but I absolutely had to post this picture. This is my younger brother, *Lee*, at Paradise Smoothie earlier today. I thought his expression was too funny not to share. I think I surprised him the camera phone.
Oh and I have a new favorite smoothie flavor: Banana coconut. Yum.
I got green apple. It was great but I like the banana coconut more. :)

And if you needed anymore proof that I am a complete geek, I spent a few hours today going over anatomy notes in preparation for A&P 1....and school doesn't start for another three weeks. Yeah. I should just get LOSER tattooed on my forehead now.
Oh and I'm also listening Disney music....right now it's on a song from "Beauty and the Beast".


Jordan said...

Look let's be staight here, all Disney music is amazing. Especially music from Beauty and the Beast. And when I say that I really mean the song "Be Our Guest" that shit is amazing, and everyone should know that.

Firefly said...

THanks for the smile Jordan.

Cat said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the expression on his face.

And as far as the music goes at least it wasn't high school musical. I think I would have to disown you as my sister if you listened to that shit. ;-)

Firefly said...

High School Musical? No thanks.