Friday, August 15, 2008

And here we are...

Hey everyone. I know I haven't posted in the past few weeks. Oh, well. Life goes on.
As you all know, Lee broke his ankle two weeks ago and that has been keeping me really busy. I didn't get any sleep at all the first week it happened because as soon as I would start to close my eyes, I would get a call on my cell phone...and this was happening at 2am. Damn that sucked. And just two nights ago, Mom left for the night and Lee ended up calling her 10 times because I had fallen asleep and my phone was on silent. [sigh] Oh and he also got into a car wreck with one of his stoner friends when they were going to pick up a prescription. Lovely. He has a cut on his neck were the seat belt got him. Mom keeps joking that we are going to get him fitted for a plastic bubble.
I have work today at 9:30...well, actually work training but I still get paid for it but I'm going to leave the house in about an hour (7am) so that I can get some school supplies shopping done. I also want to get to the school early and buy my books.
Yeah, that's pretty much the plan for the day. Although, I might clean my room when I get home.
Oh, the exciting life I lead.

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