Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back To the Grind

Hello dearest readers. I know you all must feel terribly neglected. My bad.

I started school last Monday. It might have been the best first day in all of my semesters there at the college. I've been there long enough to know a lot of people and I have a friend in every class I am taking, even if they are new friends. J Here's the schedule:

7am: Psychology of Development. I have the same teacher that I had for Intro to Psych because I know how she teachers and how her tests are set up. Plus, she posts all of her notes online (SCORE!). This semester, I have to create a "life-span scrapbook" (infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, so on and so forth) and I also have to do Service Learning. Service learning is like community service that is required to pass the course. I have the choice of doing it at a retirement community or at a local high school. I'm not sure which one I want. I think that the psychology professors are working on trying to get the program that I worked with over the summer approved for service learning as well. That would be great because I already know the directors and the kids that are in the program. Keep your fingers crossed.

8am-11am: Anatomy and Physiology 1. This is going to be a pretty rough class. I think about 10 of the students that are in my class now actually took it last semester and either failed it or withdrew from it because they were in danger of failing it. I'm a little scared of this one, to be honest. It was only the second day today and there is so much to read and try to remember. And there is added pressure because this is a required class for getting into the nursing program and from what I have heard about the admissions and how selective they are being (30 students out of the 500 that applied??? What??), if I don't get at least a B in it (even with having all A's in all of my other prereqs and general ed. courses), I can kiss acceptance goodbye.

11-12:30pm: Work. J I love my job. The only bad part: If I am tutoring you, don't answer your fucking cell phone. Seriously. A.)You are not even supposed to be on it in the learning center anyway. B.) It is incredibly rude to me. Next time it happens, I'm just walking always from the session and they can come find me after they are done chatting. I have other things I could be doing and other people I could be helping.

1pm: Statistics. I wasn't too worried about this class until we got our first homework assignment. Yeah. I might be in trouble.

2pm: Intro to Humanities. My "easy" class for the semester. We get to read poetry, write stories, paint and we even have a guy coming to teach us how to tango for our chapter on dance. Sweet.

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Jordan said...

Okay if given the choice between volunteering at a highschool or a retirement home, you should deffinitely pick the retirment home. When my sister was in confirmation classes she had to do this so I went with her. I got to call bingo for a room full of elderly people for an hour. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Seriously it was so fucking awaesome. DO IT.