Friday, October 17, 2008

Bloggin' before School

I'm leaving the house in about half an hour for school...yeah...I leave at 6:15am for a 7am class.
Work from 8-12:30. Stats at 1.
Humanities cancelled today....but next week we are watching Sweeney Todd in class for our theater chapter...awesome....
I didn't sleep at all last night...thank God for sugar-free hazelnut coffee mix....and I know what you are all thinking..."Sugar free?!?!?!"
Well, shut up. Unless I want my blood sugar to spike and for me to fall asleep in a puddle of my own drool at work, sugar free it is....but on another note, I suppose falling asleep in my drool is better than falling asleep in someone else's drool.
What the fuck am I even talking about anymore?
I thought I was suppose to be intelligent and articulate and all of that other flowery bullshit.
Oh and I am also bringing my anatomy book to work so I can get a few minutes of studying in.

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