Thursday, October 16, 2008

Literary Confessions

  • I have about 20 books on my shelf that I have not read yet but plan to...eventually. I figure Plath and Steinbeck will understand that they have to be put on the back burner while I get acquainted with my anatomy book.
  • I read "Twilight" and I thought it sucked. It's like a dirty thong on the ass of the literary world. It doesn't deserve a quarter of the credit it gets and it sure as hell doesn't need a movie based on it. When I was finished with it, I swear I thought a 13-year old fangirl wrote it after being beat over the head by an Anne Rice hardback until she was retarded.

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Jordan said...

Oh my God, I thought I was the only one. About a month ago I purchased and read the first two books in the series. I have never been more painfully how willingly young girls will read anything where there's an almighty love story with a Romeo & Juliet-esque twist. I hate that forbidden love bullshit. But you're right, dirty thong.