Sunday, November 23, 2008

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

Dear New Purse,
I love you. No, seriously. From the moment I laid eyes on you in the middle of a crowded Target, I just knew I had to have you.
I swear it'll be different with you. Yeah, I've cheated on every other bag I have had before you but this is different! My Vera Bradley is great but she is more of a tote for books. All the others; they were nice but it was always something off about them. Too big, too small, not enough zippers, too many snaps. But you are perfect the way you are. You hold my books and folders and my notebook and you even have a pocket on the outside for my phone...which never fits in the so called cell phone pockets. And the little zipper pocket; great for my Burt's Bees and inhaler.
This is totally the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Love you,

PS- I hope you are not the jealous type. The Jansport stays. I'll sure you will get along...kind of like polygamous wives...only, you know, bags.


Jordan said...

I love it when people blog about inaminate objects. Also love the idea of polygamous bags.

Cat said...

I am so going to target tomorrow. Hope they have the same bags!