Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thank you.

Thank you so much anonymous A&P professor. The last thing I would ever want to do (besides see anyone from ICP naked) is call some of my classmates stupid. But since you did it, it's okay.

I grade my students' work because they need to know if they are getting the material. I need to know if they are getting the material. The programs my students apply to need to know if the students got the material. As an anatomy/physiology instructor my job is to both teach and screen. There are WAY TOO MANY students out there trying to be nurses and FAR TOO FEW that actually have the intelligence, drive, and reasonable expectations to be a nurse. The waiting list for nursing schools in my area is 3-4 years for the CC track for an RN (registered nurse degree) and highly competitive if you want to bypass the CC and get a BSN (bachelor's in the science of nursing) at the local university. Some students really want to be nurses, but don't have "it." I won't let sloppily assigned grades be a crutch for some to student hobbling his or her way through prerequisites. If a student is failing my course that is a clear sign that destiny has another path in store for the student. I don't want idiot nurses. Do you?
EDIT: I should probably mention this is from Rate Your Students as a response to the question, "Why do we grade?"

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HEAR HEAR! Just found your blog, I love it!