Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Is there life out there?

[I love that song.]
I thought I should write and tell all of you that I haven't died in some awful textbook incident.
Finals are upon us and I am swamped.
College is like fucking quicksand. At first, you try to be optimistic about it. "Oh, this isn't so bad...someone will come rescue me soon." And before you know it, it's up around your neck and you are freaking the fuck out.
I have class tomorrow, Friday and Monday and then three days of finals.
What's on the agenda for the next three class periods?
  • Anatomy test (central nervous system and the senses)
  • Anatomy lab practical (muscles, central nervous system, and the senses)
  • Psychology presentation...I'm seriously not looking forward to this
  • Three psychology journal entries
  • Two humanities tests
  • Humanities photo project...not so bad
  • Two chapters of Statistics to cover before the final
Oh, God. Help.


Jordan said...

Just wondering, but what song? Is it the titled "Is There Life Out There?" by Reba Mcentire? Because if it is you and I might just be soulmates.

Firefly said...

Yeah. By Ms. Reba. :)

Jordan said...

She is my heart, I've seeen her live five times. Also what is StumbleUpon?

Firefly said...


You download it to your tool bar for Internet Explorer or, in my case, Mozilla; set your interests; and then click "STUMBLE"...it'll take you to a website tagged with something you might like.

elle said...

I love your college/quicksand analogy.. so fucking true.