Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I had forgotten that today was Father's day until I check Postsecret.
But I'm okay.
It was a good day. I had a few tears this morning but it was fine. To be perfectly honest, this whole weekend they have been catching me by surprise.

A very dear family friend took us to see Year One [which was just dumb, by the way. I mean, I can laugh at a dumb comedy, like Tropic Thunder, which I loved. But this was awful...2 the most...and that was only because of Michael Cera's observational humor] and then to dinner. Aside from my brother throwing a fit and cursing me out in the restaurant for telling the bartender that he is only 18 and, therefore, can't legally be served alcohol, it was a nice time.

Part of me knows that my dad wouldn't want me to be crying about him every holiday. But I'm not crying FOR him. I know he is happy were he is now. It may be selfish but I'm crying for me and all the time I have lost with him. It just feels like so many things were left undone. I guess it has just been especially hard lately because I wanted him to be here with me and to see how far I have come from were I was to now.

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