Friday, June 12, 2009

MacroNerd Alert: Micro Edition

Okay, I know we haven't even taken the first test in my Microbiology class yet, so I might regret saying this later but I am seriously liking this class so far. :)
First off, the teacher isn't nearly as much as a prick as I was lead to believe. Turns out that he hates teaching his sections of the A&P2 classes so he (and by extension, his class) is miserable in them. But micro is what he has his PhD in and it shows in his teaching.
What I really love about it is the lab part.
We were able to inoculate, isolate, and then prepare slides of unknown bacteria that we collected from....well.....ourselves. The prof offered to excuse anyone who felt they needed to go to the restroom to collect their sample. I went the safe route and got it off my arm.
I really didn't fully understand what we were doing until I saw the bacteria underneath the microscope when I realized that they were, at one point, living on ME. How crazy is that? I mean, probably not those actually bacteria but their great-great grandparents or something. Somehow I don't think my classmates saw the same poignants in it that I did.
It's hard to explain. It was a very "Twilight zone" moment for me.

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