Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are they trying to kill us?

Times like this make me wish I had just gone to art school. Seriously.
This up coming week is going to be absolutely crazy.
Monday: Cultural report due. Seriously? I'm a 21 year old white girl that was born and raised in the south. And I have a feeling that when the teacher is asking about our culture, she expects to hear about more than just LSU football and gumbo.
Tuesday: Getting my hair cut (finally) and going to the hospital to get info on my patient....ahmmm...."client" (okay, calling them a client kind of makes me feel like a hooker). The rest of the day will be spent writing up care plans and medication cards. Sounds like so much more fun that it actually is.
Wednesday: In the hospital from 6am to 12:30pm. Then back to the school to study.
Thursday: Huge test in administration, pain management, nutrition, and about half a dozen other topics. 16% of our overall grade for the semester.

If I survive this week, I am going out this coming weekend. Or I might just stay in and drink by myself. Either way works for me.

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Teen Pop Sensation! said...

I thought I was just pretending people read my blog. You kinda came and shat all over the idea. Which was flattering.

My mom lives in Monroe, LA. Yes, I gathered you were in Louisiana while trying to figure out who you were. I used to feel bad for her, but now I feel bad for both of you. That place is seemingly a cesspool.

How'd you find me? Now what do we do since we have eachother in our blogs?