Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love it.

♥ I have fallen in love with the singer Amy Kuney. Her voice is beautiful and her lyrics are simply gorgeous. Listen to the songs "Thank You (For Last Night)" and "Appreciate Your Hands". "Birds' Eye View" is another good one.
♥ Go to either YouTube or Search for "Sandstorm". Click the one by Darude. Be ready for amazing techno and then dance that shit out.
MyLifeIsAverage [MLIA]. I want to be friends with all of these people. Approximately 500 trillion times better than FML.
Kusudama Tutorial. Coolest, easiest paper flowers ever.
♥ I have to mention that I am absolutely loving the weather in Louisiana this weekend. It has been so sunny and the temperature is starting to drop. It feels amazing. I think a nice cup of tea would be the perfect way to end it. :)


Jordan said...

I am only about two hours away from you (if the BR in your name stands for what I think it is) so I know what you're talking about. It has been amazing here in Lake Charles. Yesterday I went outside at like midnight, and I actually shivered. Like teeth chattering and everything. To be fair it was fifty degrees and I was naked, but still.

Mikhail said...

MLIA is 3192386210937614298632 times better than FML, it is infinitely more creative to pick one the mundane things one does in everyday life to reflect how average life is than to mention the one shitty highlight of your day.