Friday, November 06, 2009


Things I Hate Right Now:
  • Not having time to do NaNoWriMo. I have always wanted to do it but I knew that this year, with nursing school and all the other stuff going on, there is just no way I would be able to fit it in without giving up sleep or sanity.
  • My online sociology classes. I swear, they are useless. OMG, you mean men and women are treated differently?!?!?! Un-fucking-believable!
  • Writing careplans. Enough said.
  • Deciding not to date while in nursing school. What the fuck was I thinking? Homegirl needs to blow off some stream, STAT.
  • The sexual innuendo in the previous bullet point. Also, calling myself homegirl. Lame.
  • Not being able to sneeze without being glared at like I am Typhoid Mary. It is just allergies, people!
  • Sharpie Retractable pens. I love Sharpie so I cannot even tell you how disappointed I am when last night I tried to use my retractable pen and it had dried out. It was only about the 12th time I had used it! Get it together, Sharpie, or Pentel will be getting my business.
  • The new food I bought my dog. You try sleeping in the same bed as a gassy red heeler. Not fun.
  • Not being able to figure out origami tessellations. Sooo frustrating.
  • Not being in Texas right now. I have never been sad about not being in Texas. Ever. Until now, that is. My sister's birthday party is this weekend and I am quite sad to say that I cannot attend. :-(

Things I Love Now:

  • Chamomile-Mint tea. Yummy.
  • Being able to afford to get much needed dental work done. Not glamorous, but necessary.
  • Sephora. I have never been seriously into makeup but I went to Sephora today because I was out of (or almost out of) my face powder (the stuff I put on over my concealer and foundation to keep it from coming off so easily). That place is amazing. I have never seen so many pretties and sparklies in one place before. I was good and only had one impulse buy...a nail polish in the color "Metro Chic." It was too unique to pass a gray-purple color. I can only wear it until Monday night because on Tuesday I have to go to the hospital and get my patient information. sigh. But anyway, Sephora. Yes please.
  • Hulu. I have said it before and I will say it again: I love that I can concentrate on school work during the week and still be able to catchup with my favorite shows on the weekends. Thank you, Hulu. You have made this overworked nursing student very happy.
  • Monkey Trail Mix: Chocolate covered peanuts, banana chips, walnuts and pineapple chunks.

PS: Cat, Happy late birthday. I love you and I am very happy things worked out for you last week. I have been looking, but you would not believe how hard it is to find a card that says, "Congratulations on not having cancer!" The search continues.


Jordan said...

I attempt to do NanoWriMo every year, I did it for two days this year, and then bailed out. I would like to say that it was because I'm so busy, but in And even though you made a no dating pact with yourself, there's no reason you can't at least make out with someone, so find someone and do that on the quick before you lose your mind.

Firefly said...

Oh, honey, it is too late if you are worried about me losing my mind. That happened a very long time ago...way before nursing school or the "no-dating" pact. But I happen to think that my insanity is just a part of my charm. ;-)

Catherine Click said...

Oh Esther, I so wish you could have been here for the party too...

One of these years you'll have your Driver's License and your own car and you can come and visit anytime you want! That will be AWESOME!

Honestly you didn't miss too much...I got WASTED by 8:30 and was carried off to bed. That part totally sucked and I feel awful today. Everclear should not be sold for human consumption...that's all I'm saying about that..

HAHAHA on the Congrats for not having Cancer card idea...maybe we should design one together! <3