Sunday, February 28, 2010

Promises to Myself #1

After being in school for a few weeks and barely having time to slow down long enough to take a breath, I spent the weekend doing nothing. Actually, that isn't true. I slept (a lot), watched Youtube and Hulu videos until my eyes burned, and ate way too many unhealthy food(my diet this weekend consisted mainly of peanut m&m's, gravy roast beef poboys and cheese sticks). So I guess I could say that I did nothing productive.
But that is okay.
I'm just coming to terms with that. It is okay for me to take a break every now and then. In nursing school (or in any intense coursework), you see it all the time. The burnout. It starts slowly. The circles under the eyes get darker and you notice that you start to catch colds and little bugs more easily. When your body is in stressed out mode, you are releasing cortisol, which after long periods of exposure suppresses the immune system.
And then start to build. Before you know it, you are in CVS at 3am crying because they are out of Reese's cups and diet Coke(not that this has happened to me or anything).
I'm just saying that it's okay to not be perfect for every second of every day. It's okay to take a break and not be supergirl for a few hours.
I promise myself that I will start taking things a bit slower. There is no need for me to get stressed out over things I have no control over.
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

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