Sunday, May 23, 2010

And the Award for Best Search Term Goes To....

Oh, you dirty dirty British people.
You all have the image of being such prudes but now I know the truth. ;-)

My lovely readers.
I have just had the best blog search term hit ever.
Way better than "lust on a cellular level" or "free-balling in basketball shorts" or "nurses + sexy party".

Oh, you poor misguided British person. I know you were probably looking for some hot aquatic porn but you ended up here. sigh. Such disappointment, I know.

One question. How the hell did this lead you to me? As far as I know, I have never misspelled the word "suck" before. Nor have I ever mentioned underwater fellatio.


DickDastardly87 said...

My "K" button sticks sometimes.jk lol

Firefly said...

Oh, you podiatry/med students and your secret kinks. ;-)