Thursday, May 20, 2010

End of a Chapter

The semester is officially over.
I should be letting out a sigh of relief but, alas, I am not.
I never expected when I started nursing school that I would get so close to some of these people.
When we were all competing for spots in the program, it was cut throat. Hell, they wouldn't even let us use scalpels in the anatomy lab for fear that we might "accidentally" try to take out the competition ("Try to insert a Foley catheter with 3 fingers, bitch!").
I never thought that I would cry when I found out some of them might not be continuing this journey with me.

But damn, after our final on Monday, we had one hell of a party.
Something very interesting happens when you put a bunch of 20- and 30-something under the most intense pressure they have ever felt, only to suddenly release it and give them alcohol. Secrets come out. Very quickly. And you know, because we see penises and vaginas all the damn time, 98% of what we talk about while we are drunk is sex.
Oh, the confessions. After listening to a male classmate claim that he was a "not so average Asian" and one of my study buddies saying that she would suck dick all day just for the look she gets from the guy during it, we somehow got on the subject of fetishes. Handcuffs and choking are quite popular among the nursing student crowd. ;-)
I don't think I said anything too damning. The worst might have been that the last guy I was with turned out to be married with 3 kids. To be fair, I had no idea at the time [but damn, he was a great kisser]. I also think I told the same study buddy that I would sleep with her to keep from calling him. I meant it as a joke but she seemed quite content with that arraignment.
How am I suppose to look at these people come fall semester? Hopefully they will drink enough over summer break to kill all of those little memory neurons.


Eric said...

wow, it's sad you have to leave. this crowd sounds like a lot of fun!

DickDastardly87 said...

sounds like a great time! Could be weird come don't think it will come as a surprise when I find out many podiatry students have foot

Matthew Emmert said...

TOTALLY. if you happen to figure it out.....let me know. in the meantime, get me an invitation to one of your crazy ass med student parties!

Firefly said...

Eric: Most of the crazy ones made it out alive so I will be with them come fall. Just think, if this is how we end the semester, can you just imagine graduation?
DickDastardly: I'm sure it will be fine in the fall. The good thing about my group is that we know how to keep our mouths shut. HIPAA and all that. Except for when we create a blog and tell everyone. Opps. And the foot fetish thing? Not shocking at all. ;-)
Matt: You are always invited, love. :-)