Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Feeling quite a bit better compared to the other day. Here's why:
  • I found out if, in fact, I do fail my nursing classes this semester (which is highly unlikely now that my partner in crime and I have figured up my grade), I will be in good company. This also is a negative considering some of my favorite people in the class are not doing so hot.
  • My sex bruises are healing up quite nicely.
  • I spent the past eight hours studying and do not feel like causing myself great bodily harm because *gasp* I am actually getting the material when I have a few hours of sleep and some Redbull under my belt.

xoxo Firefly

PS- I was totally kidding about the sex bruises thing.

1 comment:

Lance said...

Whoa, a comment! I was not expecting that. How did you find my blog?

I think we go to the same school. O.O (But according to rule number one, I don't know you, so I'm afraid to ask.) Good luck with finals, though.