Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hello my loves.
I just wanted to tell you all how truly sorry I am for the past few weeks and the amount of depressing posts that have been registered here. I swear I am not normally such a Debby Downer. School and family crap just have me on edge but it should be better soon.

I was recently on my tracking website for this blog and I noticed something interesting. Last year, I only had a few regular readers and I could recognize them from their town names on the tracker. Today, I had no idea who most of ya'll are. I may only get about a dozen hits a day but I still want to know to whom I am spilling all my dirty, little secrets.

So, tell me. Who are you?


By the way, have I been misspelling "ya'll" this whole time? Is it "ya'll" or "y'all"? Not that it really matters because I will continue spelling it how I damn well please despite the suggestions that Blogger makes. I know, baby. I'm a rebel. ;-)

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Lance said...

Oh I see! I go to LSU.

I think the correct way to write the contracted form of "you all" is y'all, as the apostrophe usually takes the place of the missing letters. (do not = don't and so on...) But for some reason "ya'll" just looks more natural. Now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably because we're used to seeing 'll in words like "we'll" and "you'll"... though here the apostrophe is replacing the "wi" in will.


Anyway! Sorry if life is stressful right now. I hope things begin to brighten up soon.