Friday, July 16, 2010


Hello beloveds

Maybe it is the raging hormones
Maybe it is being on the rebound (yep. me and WhatsHisName won't be seeing each other again. He's married. As awesome as he is, there are certain lines I cannot cross. But can I pick 'em or what?)
Maybe it is the fact that I am bipolar and in a manic state and feeling hypersexual right now

But all of a sudden, my younger brother's friends are looking quite grown-up. You have no idea how dirty I feel saying that.
They are all 19 and 20, too cute for words, and spend too much time here at my house...usually shirtless.

But don't worry, my loves.
I have a "look but don't touch" policy with them. So I'll just smile and enjoy the view.

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