Monday, July 12, 2010

Textually Active

Hello my loves

Do you all remember this little gem of a post? The one about my beloved Palm Centro and how it has been acting up lately? How it had the annoying habit of sometimes sending the text to the wrong person?
I should apologize to my phone for that.
Because I screwed up last night.
The text screw-up to end all other screw-ups.
And the phone was not to blame at all.
This is what I get for having too many friends with the first name that starts with J.
It all started when I had a dream about a very good friend of mine. A sex dream. It would have been awkward but this friend happens to be gay so it was just various shades of amusing imagining how he would react to it when I told him about it.
So we were chatting via text message the other night when I told him about the dream and types up this little message:
"Babe, I offered you a 3some and you told me I was going to hell for tempting your faith. You called me an hour later to say that Jesus cockblocked you and you were sorry. It was a one time offer, darling. Haha."
And then I hit send, giggling to myself about how I would love to see his face when he read it.
And that was when I realized, it went to the wrong person.
Oh, no. Please, dear all that is good, no.
The worst part? It went to a classmate of mine. A male classmate. One who didn't believe for a second the text was in reference to a dream.
Fall semester starts in less than 5 weeks. Wish me luck looking this guy in the eyes without blushing too hard next time I see him.


CaLLie.ANN said...

Welcome to my every day life.

...not the sex dream part, but the texting the wrong guy part.

Firefly said...

I know he saved it for future blackmail use.
But I'm sure it'll be fine. It could have been worse. At least it didn't go to my mom. lol