Wednesday, July 21, 2010

*wtf* of the Day...Part 2

I was sitting in the living room with my younger brother, his girlfriend and one of her friends. The dog walked it and proceding to walk right in front of me and sit down on my foot.
This is not a small dog.
So I started to say "buzzzzzzzzzz" (like a bee) and touch the dog on the tip of her ear.
Just to tease her.
The noise I was making tickled my tongue and I mentioned that to the girls. So they started making the buzzing noise too.
Then, I said "Hey, i wonder if anyone has ever thought to......nevermind," suddenly remembering who I was with.
My younger, not looking up from his game of Grand Theft Auto said, "Yeah, it's called a hummer for a reason."

2 things.
1. I cannot believe I never made that connection before.
2. My younger brother is a fucking psychic.

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