Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's All Starting Again

hello my dolls
have you missed me?

So this semester starts on Monday. It is going to be rough. I already know that. Everyone I have talke dto says it is the most challenging of the whole program and I am trying to mentally prepare for the fact that I will probably not have any kind of social life or sleep for the next few months. I proably won't be seeing too much of my family either but that isn't always such a bad thing.
My first class isn't until Tuesday morning (at 0730!) but I have to be at the college on Monday to take care of some last minute financial aid stuff (accepting the amount that was offered for my student loan). I am thinking of hanging out outside of the nursing lecture hall while the new class is going in and saying "Run! Run for your lives while you still can!" ;-)
But anyway, the schedule is looking something like this:
  • Adult Nursing 2 from 0730 to 1030 on Tuesdays.
  • Maternal-Child Nursing from 1045 to 1245 on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Clinicals all day on Thursday and Friday.

At least, I have Mondays off. It will be my new favorite day of the week, I am sure.

I spend an hour last night hole-punching index cards.
Yeah, you can tell school is starting again.
Wish me luck, my loves. I am going to need a miricle to survive this semester with what little sanity I have left intact.

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