Wednesday, August 18, 2010


hello my beloveds

I am exhausted. Seriously. It is only the second day of classes. I had seminars all day tomorrow and Friday. OSHA videos and tons upon tons of paperwork to finish. Also we have a dosage calculations exam on Friday along with a few clinical skills check-offs. Fanfuckingtastic.
I guess the stress is starting to get to me earlier this semester than usual. This after noon I came home after class and had lunch (mmmm...comfort food, thy name is grilled cheese). After finishing some medication cards for medications used in OB and downing two Snickers bars (don't judge me), I promptly passed out and had one hell of a nightmare.
I dreamed that I was in the pediatric unit of the hospital, working with a child and his mother. We were getting along amazingly. The child, despite being sick, seemed happy and the mom and I even exchanged cell phone numbers because we wanted to keep in touch after the child left the hospital (a total no-no in nursing school....keep work and personal life miles apart) because she wanted to be friends (she was in her early 30s). We were standing at the nurse's station, chatting about something when she said, "Oh, my husband's here." I look behind me at only to see WhatsHisName exiting the elevator. Our eyes met. He looked very surprised, to say the least, to see me talking to his wife.
That was when I woke up. Holy geez. It had me shaking.
Even though it freaked me out, I kind of wished I knew how it ended. I mean, did his wife find out about us? Did I tell her? Did me and WhatsHisName end up making out in the supply closet?
I need to know what kind of person my subconscious thinks I am.


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