Friday, August 06, 2010

NOLA bound

hello my dolls
how have you all been?
I've missed you

  • The title of this entry sounds like a New Orleans themed bondage porno. Just saying.
  • Brit, my lovable but sometimes forgetful (read: stoned) sister-in-law (kind of) lost my Ipod touch yesterday on the way home from work. No one was sure how it happened but she thought she dropped it on the way home from the bus stop. My younger brother looked down the road she walked and couldn't find it. I had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing it again and I hated the thought of having to change all my passwords because that thing contained pretty much my whole life. Tons of backmail material, if you get what I am saying. Fast forward to this afternoon, I get an email from someone saying that they found it and to give them a call. I have it back now and I am sooooooo happy (and relieved). I feel like I owe the guy cookies, or nude photos, or a "thanks-for-being-so-fucking-awesome"-blowjob.
  • I was kind of kidding about the nude photos/blowjob thing.
  • I am going to New Orleans tomorrow!!! Not sure what to expect. The guy who is taking me is coming to pick me up at 7:30am. Yes. AM. Ugh. All I could think when I found out was "That is why too early to know, unless you are still awake from the night before." He said he wants to check out the World War 2 museum and I want to see the Pharmacy museum (because I'm a nerd). He didn't really give me any idea of what else we are doing but I can only hope that there is a lot of tequila involved. I promise to take lots of photos.
  • I have a few new followers: The Underground Geek, Jamie, Airy, Matt [♥], Monique, and Aaron. Thank you! You guys seriously make my day. :-)
  • Classes start again in 11 more days. So excited. Can hardly wait.



CaLLie.ANN said...

I'll take one "thanks-for-being-so-fucking-awesome" blowjob, please.

...only make mine the lady kind.

Estelle Darling said...

Oh, Callie, I am almost glad we don't live in the same state because we would get into WAY too much trouble together. ;-)
But i am going to make it to Utah one day. lol