Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So, I'm not dead.

Oh! Oh! Oh!
I'm back, my belles.

I have missed you all so much. :-(

Things have just been so crazy lately.
Family. School. Friends. My...um...love life.
It just all seems so hectic and fucked up right now.
I cannot say that I promice I will post more often but I promise I will try.

When they said that this would be the most difficult of the nursing program, they weren't lying.
The "withdrawl date" for classes is later this week. Several people who I thought would be walking accross the stage with me in May have dropped the class and will be retaking it next semester.
People who are freaking smart. Way smarter than me.
It makes me wonder if they know something that I don't. :-(

By the way, I have a pediatric exam in about 12 hours that I still don't feel ready for.

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