Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog Stuff

Holy macaroni!
WordLust has grown a bit this December. Seven new followers?!?

Welcome to Word Lust. :-)
And while we are still on the topic of this blog, I have more fun search terms for you. Enjoy.


CJ said...

thanks for the shout out!

Pollyanna said...

Make that eight, Polly is on board now too! :) Though I'm a freak and have to read blogs chronologically so it'll be a while until I get caught up enough to actually comment on current entries. Probably. Unless I loosen up. Anyway, I look forward to reading about life in nursing school!

rnraquel said...


Zazzy Episodes said...

What's up with the scary sluty hos and the homewrecker stuff, haha too funny. Thanks for mentioning my blog, I think your blog is whitty and kinky all wrapped up in a neat package of reality, sprinkled with humor. Thanks for sharing your life with us all.

Estelle Darling said...

PollyAnna - Don't bother with too many of the old entries. They kind of suck. lol. I didn't have the charm and humor that I have today.

ZazzyE - Girl, my eyes just got a little misty. Thanks, love. You are a total doll. ♥