Monday, December 27, 2010

The *Feel Good* kit

Hello my loves.

Let's face it. We all have shitty days. Some more than others.
Like today. Blah. [On a side note, if someone asks you if you miss them, don't say "Well, I would if you would stop calling and texting me every hour just to see what I am doing." That is not what they want to hear. But I guess I stopped worrying about hurting her feelings when she decided to cheat on me. So yeah. Whatever.]
But when a bad day strikes out of nowhere...or you happen to fall into a funk...what do you do?
That, my darlings, is where is lovely little blog post comes in.

I'm not stranger to depression. It run in my family (as well as a grab bag of other assorted, fun mental neurosis) and I've been battling it on and off since I was a child. As I got older, it got progressively worse and I eventually had to start taking antidepressants.
But this isn't a post about that.
This is how I deal with it when a bad day strikes.

Be forewarned that this play list is random and the only thing that they songs have in common is that they make me grin and I hope they will do the same for you too.

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Explanations for a few of the selected songs.
It’s Raining Men – Weather Girls
Okay. So this is one of those embarrassing songs that you don’t ever admitting to liking but secretly desire to bust it out during karaoke after a few beers. Do it. You’ll feel better.
Brick House – The Commodores
For those days that I feel like crap about my body. When my jeans are too tight or I catch a glemps of the dreaded “bus driver arms,” after a few minutes of dancing to this song, I’ll usually feel better.
Good Direction – Billy Currington
So country, it almost hurts. But I get the biggest smile when I hear this song.
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo – The Bloodhound Gang

Last Name – Carrie Underwood
Brings me back to a road trip with Mommy Dearest where we sung this at the top of our lungs. We were both blushing by the end of it and I am pretty sure we had a few flashbacks while belting out the lyrics. At least I know where I get it from.
Handlebars – Flobots
"I can take apart the remote control And I can almost put it back together"
Gin & Juice – The Gourds
Okay. This is one of my favorites on the list. My sister first introduced it to me a few years ago and it had been shuffling onto my current playlist ever since. It is a remake of the Snoop Dogg song "Gin and Juice" by this kind of bluegrass country band. Hilarious and makes me smile every time I hear it.
Your Man – Josh Turner
Okay. This man's voice is the audio version of melted milk chocolate. It is so smooth and amazing. Love it.
Dixie Chicken – Little feat
Throwback to my childhood. Carefree times. [sigh]
Candy – Mandy Moore
The pop music from our teenage years is good for the soul. I'm convinced of it. Even if it did turn us into fucked up adults who can't have normal relationships.
Don’t Trust Me – 3OH!3
I swear I don't really love this song but every time I hear the line "T-tell your boyfriend, if he says he's got beef, That I'm a vegetarian, and I ain't fucking scared of him," I can't help but laugh.

Okay. Some of you will probably jump on me for this especially since I am suppose to be in the health care field and I am suppose to be advocating a healthy lifestyle [lolz. You must be new here to Word Lust if you believe that for even a second]. But sometimes, a really good piece of chocolate or a homemade meal (shared with friends) is all that it takes to pull me out of my funk.

Save it for a Rainy Day
I have a file on my computer labeled "LOLZ." And that is exactly what it is for. If I run across an image that makes me smile or makes me laugh out loud, I save it. When i am feeling like crap, I look through the images and it can make me feel better.
And this is the kind of stupid shit that makes me laugh:

It's Wilford Brimley riding a giant chicken and saying the word "diabetes" but with an accent.
I blame shit that like totally on my mother. I am pretty sure she did some pretty heavy drugs while she was pregnant with me...she must have for me to be so amused by this.

Retail Therapy
I'm not saying go out and spend $300 every time you are feeling down. But I know that when my mood takes a bit of a nose dive, spending a few dollars on a small gift for myself sometimes makes me feel a little better. For less than $10, treat yourself to some tea or coffee, buy a new nail polish, or a few songs off of iTunes.
Or go get yourself a few Four Lokos. Who am I to judge?

Art Therapy
Dig out those scented markers from high school (okay, or borrow some from your niece) and a pad of paper. Start drawing. Flowers unicorns. A giant piano crushing your evil med-surg instructor like the house crushed the Wicked Witch of the East in the Wizard of Oz...and then you steal her shoes. Whatever would make you happy.

Do I really have to explain this one? Endorphins. Dopamine. Serotonin. Blissful awesomeness.
Grab your guy or girl or toy, lock the door, and go have yourself a ball. Come back when you are in a better mood.


CaLLie.ANN said...

It's like your speaking to my soul, seriously. I'm in love.

Estelle Darling said...

I am secretly trying to seduce you through amazing blog posts so you'll teach me to snowboard. Is it working yet? ;-)

Zazzy Episodes said...

I'm digging the retail therapy.