Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ya'll remember these little darlings?
Those fabulous little pink, fur lined leather wrist cuffs I bought as a gift to myself for having my heart handed to me on a silver platter by my cheating slut of an ex?
(by the way, hate/break-up sex doesn't count as "back together," right? Even if the break up was a few weeks ago?)
What a piece of shit.
First time I actually use them, they break. Not even kidding. And you would think that the leather would have ripped where it is attached to the chain, right? But you'd be wrong.
We broke the chain.
Let me restate this in simpler terms.
The sex was so good, that we bent and twisted fucking metal to the point of it breaking. How does that even happen?
So yeah, I'm pissed my new toy broke but I mean, really, that is about the only thing that I am upset about in regards to the other night.

So this proves (as if we needed more proof), lunar eclipse bring out the freaks in people. The next one is June 15, 2011. Bring it on. ;-)


nurse XY said...


Tear it up!!

Zazzy Episodes said...

HOLY MOLY! I have a novelty pair that are red and plastic, and I'm not sharing with you! haha

Estelle Darling said...

lmao. We had to switch to the police-issue ones after this. Not nearly as comfortable but no getting out of those. Haha.