Friday, December 10, 2010


As you all know, I have a tracker on this blog.
The main reason is because I love to see what kind of search terms lead people here. For the longest time, they were innocent enough.
"nursing student stress" or "betta fish advice"
No problem, right?
Then, something happened.

Maybe it was me and my new feature "Frisky Friday." But all of a sudden the pervs have come out of the woodwork....or the porn shop....wherever it is that perverts hide.
Dude, i don't know how "french vanilla semen" lead you to my blog, but I am sure you were sadly mistake.
Or my personal favorite "Dominatrix nurse catheterizing male penis" Fantastic. Just lovely. It does beg the question, why are you specifying that it is a male penis? I mean, did you search for this before and you came up with dominatrices dressed as nurses catheterizing female penises?

I mean, really people. There are no words right now. I am speechless.


nikki said...

...found you thru some other blog... but this post made me laugh so freakin hard. i love to see what brings people to my blog. LOVE google analytics. haha

Anonymous said...

I found you through another blog as well, but this is hilarious. French vanilla semen? Bahaha. LOVE it.

...The search term, not actual FV semen LOL.