Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Day of the Last Semester

Hello my darlings. :)

Well today was my first day back after being off for out of school for over a month.
I think I am starting to get back into the swing of things.

Despite the gloomy gross weather here [it's rainy and humid...I'm going back and forth between freezing and sweating], I got to campus around 0730 for my 0800 lecture time. Walking to class, I ran into 3 of my favorite males nurses :). I told them how excited I was to start the semester and they all teased me about being that enthusiasm so early in the morning.

Once in the lecture hall, I looked at the group of students surrounding me.
There is 21 of us. 21 out of the original 65 that were accepted.
It was a kind of heartbreaking and humbling moment realizing that so many of the people I have come to know and love will not be walking across the stage with my in May.

After everyone was settled in, the dean of the program came in to speak with us. She gave a speech on how this semester, nursing should be our number 1 priority. If any of us had any crazy ideas about getting married, having kids, trying to start up a new relationship anytime this semester, that we would find it very difficult because of the time commitment that we should be devoting to class and studying for the NCLEX-RN.
Then she asked who of us was taking another class this semester. About six people, including myself, raised our hand. She kind cringed and said that we would be having quite the busy semester.
Then we got into the financial stuff. Geez. I am looking at having to spend at least $750 this semester (not including books or tuition) between NCLEX reviews, testing [HESI, ATI, and NCLEX] and licencing fees, graduations costs, the fugly white scrubs we are required to buy for the graduation photos that we are required to have. Thank God for Financial aid and sugar daddys. ;)

My clinicals are during the second half of the semester. I was kind of hoping for them during the first half so I could get them over with but it might have worked out for the best. The first half of the course is covering acute disease processes and "real" nursing stuff [the material that i actually care about]. The second half [in which I will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done] is covering professional and management stuff. Blah.
But let me tell you how excited I am for clinicals. The instructor I have is super laid back. She was telling us how we would be on a med-surg floor for the first two weeks and when she saw that we could handle having 4-6 patients each, we could do a bit of exploring in the hospital. If we wanted to go to the OR, ICU, ER; she could make it happen for us. Also, our times are negotiable. She was saying, "Yeah. We'll be there around 0645...some days we might leave at 5pm, other maybe 1pm. And we could be doing night or evening clinicals if ya'll want. As long as the group agrees to it, I am fine with it." :)
The uncertainty of it would drive the old OCD-plagued Estelle up a freaking wall but I am just excited for it. Like an adventure. ;)
Also, no preclinicals!!! Woah!!! ;) And maybe, no careplans! Or, if I do have to do them, it will only be one or two.



Erin said...

I came across your blog through another friends and I love reading your posts. I am not yet in the nursing program but hope to apply soon can you give us any advice on how to get in. Thanks and good luck in your last semester that is so exciting!

rnraquel said...

Yay for no careplans! Wishing you a great semester :)

CaLLie.ANN said...

Careplans will be the death of me.

Kudos to you on your stellar schedule. Good luck, love. xo

Zazzy Episodes said...

You'll do great and you'll be amazing this semester and always. You go girl, rock this semester's schedule!