Friday, January 14, 2011

Frisky Friday - Life Without Dick

Hello my loves.
I have kind of become obsessed with these vintage comic strips. I just love the artwork. :) So expect to be seeing more in future *Frisky Fridays*.
Personal story.
Okay so this kind of goes back to the autocorrect thing from last week.
A girlfriend of mine posted an inside joke of ours as her Facebook status. I was a little embarrassed about it and I jokingly sent her the text, "I am going to pluck your eyebrows off."
Not 30 seconds after I hit *send*, I get a message from her saying, "I'll be there in 10 minutes."
I had no idea what she was talking about. The reason I said that to her is because she has an unhealthy obsession with the shape of her eyebrows. Why would she be so quick to get here for that?
I reread the original message I had just sent her.
"I am going to *fuck* your eyebrows off."
Damn you, autocorrect!!!


Kendra said...

Hee hee...phones get us in so much trouble. In more ways than the "no calling/texting while driving" laws. In texting with my fellow classmate (last semester's only guy), I've told him "you own me" (instead of owe), that "your sweet is saved" (instead of seat), and have mentioned many different "thongs" (instead of things). And of course he can't just laugh at the moment and then let them go. Noooo, he likes to really keep those typos going. :-)

Pollyanna said...

LOL, Awesome. I'll have to start using that as an expression.

Have you ever seen or read any Last Kiss Comics? They're vintage romance comics with new dialogue, you might LOVE them:

nikkebirde said...

LOL!! I got a text message from my sister one time when I text her asking if she needed anything from Target and she sent back "A few penis." I was appalled and called her and she was like "WHAT!! I sent A few pens!!" hahaha I laughed SO hard!

Cartoon Characters said...

another good reason why i don't have a cell phone that i actually *use*....only for emergencies - and i have lost most of my texting skills. Call me behind the times....but really...I am at the point where i am so antisocial...blame it on nursing.... (i actually owned one of the first clunky cell phone models - no texting existed- which are laughable now when u look back at it...i think that was 1994 or so....) I have turned off any auto spell correct...i even find the google spelling suggest annoying.

It makes for a great blog topic tho! :)

CaLLie.ANN said...

I meant to send a classmate "Soooo stoked" and sent "sooo stoned".