Sunday, January 16, 2011

Frivolous Girly Post

Hello darlings.

If you were ever to meet me in person, you probably wouldn't think I was a girly girl. I mean, I LIVE in jeans and t-shirts [although, I did wear a skirt about a week ago...had just shaved my legs and putting on jeans was just not gonna happen]. I keep my nails short and hardly ever polish them [a habit I picked up after a particularly gross anatomy and physiology lab that involved a ripped glove and a cat my group was dissecting] except for maybe a clear coat once in a while when I want them to shine. The only make up I wear is Bare Minerals foundation, mineral veil, and some mascara. To be honest, I have never mastered the art of putting on eye shadow without making myself look like a hooker or a man impersonating a woman.
My hair is still it's natural color [dark honey blond with natural high and lowlights and a tiny bit of strawberry blond when the light hits it just right...basically dirty blond but I don't think the term does it justice]. I've never, ever dyed it. I have always been scared I would ruin it forever and would never be able to get my natural color back. But ohmygoodness, how I want to.
My darlings. I want to be a redhead.
Not a gingery redhead [although, I think that is cute too...just wouldn't work with my skin tone]. I want dark, crazy, dramatic red. Borderline dark pink.
I see a trip to the salon in my future...maybe distant future but it'll happen. ;)

[Okay. I hate to channel Paris Hilton circa 2007 but, seriously ^that^ is hot.]

Funny thing is that I actually have been mistaken for a redhead before [a few times, actually]. WhatsHisName thought I was the first night we met. To be fair, it was dark and he was probably drunk off his ass but I should have taken that as I sign to get the hell out while I still had a chance. :::sigh::: Hindsights 20/20.
Whatcha think, loves? To dye or not to dye. That is the question.


Punk1119 said...

I have always been a fan of redheads, and while any is good, I kind of prefer the natural look. Freckles and, if you're lucky, green eyes, make for a perfect match with natural red/orange hair. Dyed red is easy to distinguish, but it looks good nevertheless. Just my $.02

rnraquel said...

I love red hair! I have red highlights at the moment. I have almost black hair naturally, so it takes some effort for me to go red. Right when I graduated from nursing school, I went really crazy red like you're talking about. My preceptor gave me a hard time, but I thought it was awesome. Have fun!

CaLLie.ANN said...

DYE it.

We all know I'm all about hair. I LOVE changing my hair.

...and I happen to know what you look like in real life and I'm ALL about you as a redhead.

Go get em, tiger.

Timothy Z Cognitor said...

"To be honest, I have never mastered the art of putting on eye shadow without making myself look like a hooker or a man impersonating a woman."
Hilarious! Definitely do the girly girl thing...whatever that may be. You make me really miss South Louisiana.

NP Odyssey said...

Do what makes you happy.

Personally I don't like like bright red on pale skin people, sorry if your pale. Dark red can look good on certain people of all skin tones.

Cartoon Characters said...

"Hair is only an accessory" is what I always have said.

I have been a redhead several times (I am or was a natural blonde).

It's a difficult color to keep in your hair though, one of the shades that tends to wash out quite quickly, but when you first have it done, it's wonderful.

Once the hair salon dyed my hair it looked more purple. I have had better luck doing it myself. Anyway....the one time I had the long red hair - similar to photo #2 and I LOVED IT.

Hmm. I might even do it again. Every time I go to the color shelf at the drugstore I am sooooooo tempted to pick up the box of auburn........

Kendra said...

I went red in the spring of 2009 and have no plans of going back. I'd had enough of my natural fugly brown, so I tried red. And I was in lurve.

I've been a few different shades of red since then. I started out subtle and got bolder as I went. There is a red I would love to try, but I'm afraid I'd come out looking like Ronald McDonald...and that probably won't fly with clinical dress codes.

Although I agree with Cartoon Characters about the red being hard to keep. I colored my hair a darker cherry red in December and it's faded quite a bit already...and I've not been out in the sun much. It's still definitely red (see my facebook widget pic on my blog...that was taken Friday), just not as dark.

Just do it. Red is fun. It gets you noticed :-)

Zazzy Episodes said...

I don't know how that will affect your natural "dignified dirty blonde" color, but I've always wanted to go this red as the red in your photos you've posted but only tried streaks of this red and I agree with CC, they didn't last long enough and they started turning more of a light red/pink color. Yuck, but like CC also said hair is only an accessory, so go for it.

Estelle Darling said...

@Punk1119: I wasn't one of the lucky ones with green eyes. Blond hair and brown eyes. Blah. Boring.

@Callie: I trust your opinion. ;)

@Timothy: Aww. I make you miss a whole region? That is too sweet, darling. :)

@Kendra: When I was a teenager, I was super shy but now that I have gotten a little older, I've gotten more comfortable with myself and I wouldn't mid shaking things up a bit. ;)

Mother Dearest is begging me to try a temporary dye before taking the plunge. I think that might be best...just to try it on for size.

It's just me :) said...

I LOVE changing my hair color! (probably why my hair is so damaged) Red has always been on my list of colors I have really wanted to try, and honestly, if it wasn't for my husband hating the idea of me with red hair, I would have done it by now. I absolutely LOVE the last pic, that is what I want to do. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, since we all can't be natural red heads {don't hate me} I say doooo it.

You can't go your whole life not dye your hair. Seriously. Wtf.


Anonymous said...

so many woman dye their hair. i think its awesome for woman that stay natural. sometimes when out i'll try to find a woman with natural hair and maybe can find 2 in the bar. the red is rocking also. however i dig the natural due and if your natural blonde you should stick with that. no matter how good it is the dye never looks natural. flipflop guy