Tuesday, January 04, 2011

MishMash, Hodgepodge, and a little Craziness.

Hello my loves.
None of these things deserve their own post. So I lumped them all together. Enjoy.

I added my contact information to the side bar. Now you can all send me love letters. You know you want to. ♥

I love Pandora Radio. I have had an account with them for a while now but today was the first time I really listened to it. zomg. I am obsessed and spent all day going back and forth between the *Tim McGraw* station and the *Lady Gaga* station...with a bit of Meriweather thrown in for good measure.
I read a really cool article today about the five "Love Languages." If I had to choose, I fall somewhere between touch and words. Touch me while you whisper in my ear and I am yours. What are you?

Three cheers for 75% off Christmas candy! Spree candy canes are freaking out of this world. And I am pretty sure the 10 boxes that I bought will last me approximately a week and a half.

I heard "Walk Me Down The Middle" by The Band Perry today. It is so sweet and soft and beautiful and I love it. If you are into girly country music, listen to it.

I downloaded GIMP a few days ago. It is basically the free version of Adobe Photoshop. I opened it for the first time yesterday and...um...was a little overwhelmed. Who knew that trying to get rid of a pimple in a photo was so complicated?
I cleaned out my closet a few days before New Years Eve because I felt like it would be a good thing to do...to start the year off with a little organization and the feeling like I accomplished something. I learned a few things about myself that day.
First off, for a girl who hasn't gone to church or worn a dress in at least 2 years, I own a lot of black skirts, ranging in length from *Pentecostal* to *How is that a skirt? It covers pretty much nothing.*
Also, I found a ton of music stuff that I had forgotten that I even had...sheet music books from my high school days...my clarinet, and guitar...something called a "lap harp" whatever that is. But the baffling thing is that I found not one but two sets of drum sticks....no freaking idea how they got there. I don't play the drums and neither do any of my friends. Plus, I make it a habit not to get involved with musicians (I just don't want to be the inspiration to a break-up song that goes on to win a Grammy or something.) so I know they aren't trophies of some kind.
So I am working on a new entry for *Estelle's Guide to Nursing School* on organization (as requested by the darling Zazzy Episodes) and I realized something. As organized as I am in school, my personal life and home enviroment is a bit scattered. It probably doesn't help that when I am done with a semester, I give most of my notes to a friend in the class behind me. But I am working on it and I think the end product will be pretty good.
Any other special requests in regards to the series?
I go back to school in two weeks. And I will be considered a senior [!!!]. We'll be doing ER and ICU rotations this semester. So freaking excited. I might actually love nursing school this semester. ♥ But until then, I'll keep myself busy learning about 12-lead EKGs and critical care.


Zazzy Episodes said...

You're the best for posting a special little thing on organization!!! I totally suck at being organized, but I guess that along with flossing more can be a new years resolution for me.
If you have any helpful hints on reading large amounts of textbooks when studying that would be helpful too. Have a great day!

CaLLie.ANN said...

I have a suggestion. Tell me how the heavens to study. What to study? Study habits? Tips? Tricks? What's important? What's not important? Read the book? Study the notes? Study all the chapters in one day for several days? Study one chapter in depth for one day and move on the the next chapter the next day? H E L P.

LivingDeadNurse said...

thanks for visiting my blog...love the blog. the color skeem is wicked. Good idea on nursing guide. i have had other nursing students that read my Life as an RN student. looking forward to your up coming blogs

LivingDeadNurse said...

ps love the rules section!

Estelle Darling said...

@Zazzy: I think you will like the newest post. :-)

@Callie: I will start working on a study tips post tomorrow, love. Now take a few deep breathes and remember that you CAN do this. :-)

@LivingDeadNurse: Glad you stopped by.
I know that when I first got into my program I was freaking out...looking for any advice I could get. I wanted to help some of my fellow nursing students. But try not to let it get out that I am so sweet. I have a reputation to maintain. ;-)