Saturday, January 29, 2011

*Quickie: Secrets, Nicknames, and Studies*

hello my loves.

I do know how much you all love these little quickes we have. Just enough to satisfy while keeping you wanting more. ;)
Shall we?
I check Postsecret on Saturday night rather than Sunday morning because, well, I am impatient. And today's secrets were a mixed bag. Some bizarre and cryptic while others, like the one below, had me stop in my tracks.
I am so glad I am not the only one who feels this way. Thank you, hopeful stranger. You made me smile. And gave me a different perspective on things.

A friend and I were hanging out the other day, talking about mental health nursing because she is taking that class this semester and, well, I totally kick ass in it [B+...I know that isn't that impressive to some of you but consider 1/3 of the class failed and the rest were borderline, I'll take it]. She sent a text message to her husband letting him know that she was with me. While she was sending it, she misspelled my name and her iPhone autocorrected it to *Studies*.
It is like her phone *knows* me. And I think I earned a new nickname. Haha.
I officially changed my relationship status on Facebook from "single" to "it's complicated." I figured, IS complicated. And just as I predicted, about 2 hours later, I start getting text messages from distant family members asking me what's up.
Bitch, please. You know you aren't concerned and you don't really care. You are just curious.
zomg, ya'll. Abita Strawberry is back. This is a big*freaking*deal. Like, as big of a deal as when sexy came back.
For those of ya'll not in/from the south [you poor unfortunate souls], Abita is a brewing company located just north of New Orleans. Now, I don't even like beer. Seriously. Gross. I pretty much have to already be drunk in order to stomach the taste of it. And if your kiss taste like beer? NEXT!
But Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager? Yum. It has this earthy sweet taste that goes great with seafood, BBQs, and friends. And now that it is back in season, you can bet I will be stocking up.
Thank you to everyone who left sweet comments on the *My Current Relationship* post. It was difficult for me to write and I appreciate all the encouragement I received.
I am sure that one day i will give you all the full story [and it is very possible that some of you will not be happy with me when you find out the whole truth]. But for now, the wound is too fresh. Give me some time. Let me get some separation from this point in my life.
They say that time heals all wounds. I am not so sure about that. But time does allow scar tissue to develop, covering the wound and lessening the pain. And that is what I am waiting for.
School is a bit *blah* lately. It just seems I have been so lazy because my clincials don't start for another month. Like I really should have had them during the first half of the semester in order to kick my ass into gear and force me to get organized [also, that way, I could relax during the second half of the semester].
I just have this sinking feeling that everything is going to come back around and I am going to be completely swamped come midterm. Yikes. I am kind of starting to sweat over it.
And don't look now but my first exam is on Tuesday. And I am really behind on my reading for it. Opps. Can I get a do over of the past two weeks? So that I could do something a little more productive than watch Comedy Central and bake cakes [Delicious, delicious yellow cake with homemade chocolate butter cream icing].
I kind of may have sort of started smoking again.
I know, I know.
Bad Estelle! Bad!
yeah. I crumbled like a piece of cheap origami paper. And, trust me, I feel like shit about it. Does it help that it was just once? I mean, not one cigarette. One incidence. Four cigarettes over the course of an hour. Chain-smoking, if you will. But i think I may have gotten it out of my system because I haven't had a single craving today. Although, I have had a headache from hell...hmm.....connection?
Have ya'll ever had a really crazy bruise that looks like the story of how you got it is sooooo much more interesting than what it actually is?
Okay, so last week I had this bruise. It was on my boob. I kid you not, it looks like a damn hickey. Trust me, I would know if someone had given me a hickey on my boob. Unfortunately for me, there has been no opportunity for such an event to occur.
What happened was, I got out of bed one night at around 3am. It was pitch black in my bedroom, and my beloved dog was not asleep in his bed as he would normally be. No. Instead, he was sprawled like a damn throw rug in the middle of the floor, directly in my path. I tripped over him, stumbling into the bookshelf. Ouchies.
My only saving grace? Thanks GOD that I didn't get any trauma to my piercing. Holy haberdashers. That would have been really bad. I would have probably cried.
Speaking of me not getting any lovin', what kind of cruel joke is it that at the same time I decide to abstain from physical relationships, the Wellbutrin kicks my sex drive into high gear and I feel like the sexiest woman who has ever worn a push-up bra?
How am I suppose to not get involved with anyone when all I can think about when I look in the mirror is "Wow. I'd fuck me right now."
And it really doesn't help when I get a text message from a classmate saying, "Estelle, I just thought you should know that your boobs are looking extra perky today. Good job." Why, thank you, person-who-I-don't-know-well-enough-for-you-to-say-that-to-me. Sexual harassment much? I mean, I'm not going to report it but I will grade it. And you, madam, get a C-. Below average. Brush up on your skills and then we'll talk.
That is all for now, my loves. Talk to you soon. :)


nurse XY said...


Photographic evidence required. Strictly for clinical documentation purposes of course.


rnraquel said...

Mmmmm....yellow cake with homemade chocolate butter cream icing. Happiness on a plate :)

Estelle Darling said...

RN Raquel: Agreed. :)

NurseXY: You are such a guy. lol
But in an effert to keep this blog at just a PG-13 rating, no pics, doll. Sorry. And actually, it would be *piercings* considering they are both done. But here's the story:
Happy reading. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I just stumbled onto your blog, and thank goodness I did! I totally love it! And I'm following ♥

Anonymous said...

could not help it, had to bring sexy back.

ultracool flipflop guy

Zazzy Episodes said...

Darn dog, alway in the way.