Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 6 - 30 Interesting Facts

Day 6 - Write 30 Interesting Facts About Yourself

Honestly, I don't know how interesting any of these are but here goes:

1. I listen to songs until I get absolutely sick of hearing them. Seriously. “Getting You Home” by Chris Young has been playing in the background of my life for the past two days and I am not yet ready to turn it off yet. However, I did download a few new contenders today so we will see how long it holds the top spot [I am thinking “Tangled Up” by Billy Currington might overtake it soon.]

2. I am a terrible singer but that doesn’t stop me from turning the music up as loud as it goes [to drown out my voice] and singing my heart out.

3. My brain is 75% song lyrics. A friend recently tested this theory by texting me 1 line from an obscure old country song. When I realized that she wasn’t trying to profess her undying love for me, I was able to tell her the song title and musician.

4. At one time, I considered scrapping the whole English/Biology major thing for a degree in psychology. I wanted to become a sex therapist. No lie.

5. Careers I wanted when I was younger include zoo keeper, field biologist, writer, clarinetist for the Saturday Night Live band, astronaut on the International Space Station, and spy.

6. I have no tattoos but plan to change that within the next year.

7. I have only ever dated brunettes. Never blonds. Never redheads. Not exactly sure why that is.

8. Even though I have been known to throw back Crown Royal, my favorite drink is the margarita. Top shelf. One the rocks. Salt on the rim.

9. Before I took my Maternal-Child Nursing class, I was terrified of pregnant woman. Not even joking. They freaked me out…mostly because I was scared they would just pop at any moment and the baby that would be born wouldn’t actually be a baby but an alien. Now I am [mostly] sure that won’t happen.

10. When I am really angry, I cry.

11. I won’t drink straight from a can. I have to have a straw or pour the drink in a glass. I do this because I like to see what I am drinking.

12. I had a thing for Finnish rock/metal bands when I was a teenager. [Still hot for Ville Valo of HIM]

13. The only languages I speak fluently are English and sarcasm. But I know a tiny bit of Spanish and French.

14. I have turned down three marriage proposals. One was from my younger brother’s friend and he used the words *sugar momma*, one was from a drunk guy at a bar after my partner-in-crime and I smoked his ass in pool, and the third was from a gay guy when he found out we liked the same music and the same alcohol.

15. The gay guy who proposed said, “You know what, honey? I don’t even care that you have a vagina. We’ll go to [name of local sex toy shop] and buy you a strap-on.”

16. I plan on skipping Day 10. Funny how I don’t have a problem talking about doing drugs or suicide but the thought of talking about my first kiss or falling in love terrifies the hell out of me.

17. I only knew one of my grandparents. The other 3 passed away before I was born or before I
could remember. This kind of bothers me because I feel as if I missed out on a huge part of life that everyone else gets to experience.

18. Without my glasses [yes, I wear glasses and I rock those spectacles], I am blind. Literally. My vision is 20/400 [normal vision is 20/20]. That means that when I am 20 feet away from something and I am not wearing my glasses, I see it as if I were 400 feet away.

19. The only time the glasses ever bother me is when it is raining or they fog up [like when I go outside in the summer in 100 degree heat with 100% humidity…or when I am making out with someone].

20. I need music and coffee to start my day. Without those two things, I am basically a zombie…without the brain cravings.

21. I used to have serious body-image issues. Now I embrace my large ass and my big boobs.

22. A psychic once told me that I *have the gift* and that if I *opened my mind to the possibilities,* I could developed it to its fullest. Some days I wonder about it but I rather not know exactly what the future holds.

23. For me to be able to sleep restfully, I need the fan on full-blast [or as my mom refers to it
“like you are trying to airlift troops out of Vietnam”], wearing as little clothing as possible with lots of blankets and pillows.

24. I believe that you can be *soul mates* with someone without being romatically involved with them.

25. Large dogs never scared me until I had an encounter with a 150lbs Rottweiler a few weeks ago. He was friendly at first but after I went upstairs, he forgot he ever met me. After a few hours, I walked out on the balcony in the chick’s living room and the dog [who took up the WHOLE couch] started snarling and barking at me from 20 feet below.

26. I talk in my sleep.

27. Favorite snack = Hummus with sliced cucumbers and pita bread.

28. I love Lebanese food. And it is surprising how many good Lebanese restaurants there are in my town. [Lebanese Ice tea = ♥ Best thing ever ♥]

29. I feel like a total fraud when I realize I only have a few short months before I become an RN. I don’t feel ready at all.

30. I had a really hard time coming up with 30 facts.



rnraquel said...

Top Shelf Margaritas!! Yum!

#17. Ditto, and it does kind of suck.
#24. I totally agree.
#25 YOu need to come meet our ginormous labradoodle. He is almost 6 years old and is a huge, gentle, dorky puupy.
#27 Have you ever made homemade hummus? I love hummus and totally want to try to make it myself.
#28 Now you have me wanting to try some Lebanese ice tea!
I loved learning more about you!

Marianne said...

Margaritas are my favorite!! I was just in florida and had 1 (pitcher) a night ;)

Funny, I speak English & sarcasm, as well. But, I'm also fluent in bull shit, which is really useful when Obama opens his yapper haha ;)

Ditto to 17. Totally sucks. But I feel even worse for my mom- her dad died when she was 10 and her mom when she was 28. It sucks only having one grandparent, but not having your parents? I can't imagine.

Large dogs scare the shit out of me. Even golden retrievers, which are supposed to be big teddy bears.