Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Google It

Hello darlings.

I shall post a proper update soon but for now, I am completely s.w.a.m.p.e.d with school.
Our second exam is a week from today [btw: rocked the 1st one] and it is covering a ton of information.

  • 12-lead EKGs
  • Critical care nursing [hemodynamic monitoring, types of mechanical ventilation, tracheostomies and endotrachial tubes]
  • Acute respiratory distress and respiratory failure [chest tube and reading basic chest xrays included]
  • Shock.
Yeah. Now you know why I am just the *tiniest* bit stressed out.
Not to mention I am sooooo behind in my two history classes [have to keep over 12 credit hours].
But you better believe that next week, after all this exam stuff is over, I will be having a little fun. ;-)

On a totally unrelated note, look what I found:

I think I kind of love it that the first impression people are getting of Word Lust is me telling them to *lighten the fuck up.*

Speaking of "lightening up," I was in lecture today while the teacher was discussing chest tubes and how they are usually attached to low suction. Well, on the tubing there is a valve to stop the flow of fluid. It is called a "stopcock." The professor was demonstrating how it works and she said "This is the stopcop.....cock."
And of course, I bust up giggling at the word *cock*. Awesome. [But it's okay. Because my favorite lesbian classmate did to. Glad to know I am not alone.]
Sorry to all of ya'll who were convinced that I was a mature adult. I still have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.


Zazzy Episodes said...

Cock, cock, cock. haha.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I just laughed out loud and woke Landry up. Thanks... :)

NP Odyssey said...

If I can say one thing it is to keep your sense of humor.
Nurses who do this seem to survive better, and your sense of humor will only get stranger with time.

You know your a nurse when your friends not in the nursing profession don't understand and wonder what the hell your laughing at with regard to body parts and functions.

Filterless B-) said...

Love the little boy sense of humor...lol. I'm reminded by my 9 yr old boy to keep it light when he says things like..."the teacher kept saying 'duties'"....love it

rnraquel said...

You gotta have a sense of humor :)
Who needs that mature adult stuff?
Hope school is going great!