Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nursing school has turned me into a cynic [I mean, I was one before I started but now I am even more so].
I get the sentiment of what this girl is trying to do. She is in love and being with that person sends her heart aflutter. That's sweet.
Then why is my first thought, "Bitch, that's not what an normal heartbeat is like. If that is what yours is doing, you should get that checked out."


Cartoon Characters said...

Wait until you see how it ruins your attitude towards ANY show on TV or in the movies (and even NOVELS!!!) when anything medical comes comes with *knowing*... :)

Thing is, some things that friends find funny - jokes for instance, you will find yourself saying..."that's not the way such-and-such works in the medical field..." and they will look at you as if you just didn't get it... :(

Zazzy Episodes said...

hahaha I'm only in my first semester and I'm starting to notice those things, but then I try to block it out, because I'm not ready to lose my "ignorance" of the non medical world.

Anonymous said...

haha... i remember the first time i took my duty as a nursing student and realize day by day how ignorant i was with simple things... :)♥

Kendra said...

Hahaha...I looked at that and was thinking "hmmm, that doesn't look normal to me...kinda very much NOT normal..?"

We're ruined :-)

Absentbabinski said...

"Baby, normally I'm just throwing off ectopics, but you make me go into full blown AF"