Thursday, February 03, 2011

Pimp That Nursing Blog

Okay ya'll.
Do you remember me telling you that the whole point of me starting to write *Estelle's Guide to Nursing School* was because I couldn't find anything like it when I first started nursing school?
Well why is it that when I am almost at the end of my program I suddenly find a treasure trove of information?
My lovely nursing students, I have the pleasure of introducing Stethoscopes and Scrubs.
Seriously, why didn't I find this chick back when I first freaking started? Would have saved me tons of time and energy because her blog is full of all kinds of awesome tips and tricks for surviving and keeping what is left of your sanity intact while you are in school.
[Oh and can I just say how much I love that you are a fellow LA girl? glee. :)]
My favorite posts of hers? Oh, I'm glad you asked.

So here is your mission, my darlings. Head on over to Stethoscopes and Scrubs.
Browse. Read. Say hello. Tell her Estelle sent you. ;) Maybe if her she gets more followers, she will impart more of her vast wisdom on us. :)


Postscript: And sometime soon, you can expect to be seeing a guest post from yours truly on her blog. Fun. :)


NP Odyssey said...

Thanks for the tip I'll look.

I was thinking soon it will be fun reading your blog post graduation?

Marianne said...

I did as I was told, do I get a prize? Tequila? Please?

But seriously, thanks! I'll need all the tips I can get to survive!

Anonymous said...

ask her if flipflop guy can do a guest post on 101 ultracool. you two will be bffs and rule the nursing school an RN blogging universe. ultracool would like to go to nursing school ... what could be better than a room full of woman in scubs wearing stethoscopes. uc-ffg

Estelle Darling said...

@NP - I am just looking forward to being Estelle, RN. ;)

@Marianne - Tequila is the best prize ever and you know I always keep some extra here. Drink up while ya can, chickadee.

@Ultracool - Male nurses are the very definition of cool. ;)

rajumadhur said...

Am sure i can impress my girl (who is going to nursery school) with these tips ;) :D Thanks

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