Friday, March 18, 2011

Frisky Friday - [soft and sweet]

So it has been forever since I have done a *Frisky Friday* post.
If you want to know the absolute god's honest truth about it, I have been uninspired. Celibacy has murdered my desire to post sexy stories (not that I have any) or photos. That's right. The lack of spine-tingling, toe-curling, breath-taking sex has taken away my creativity.
To put it short and sweet...I need to get laid.
[But no, dear readers. I made a promise to myself. And even if I am slowing killing myself one liver cell at a time (hepatocytes for all you fellow nerds out there), I don't want to kill my self-esteem anymore than I already have. Plus, I think there just might be someone out there worth waiting for.]

But, in all actuality, this has been what has been turning me on lately.

And for the rest of you who don't share my enthusiasm for a gentle touch and soft kiss, this is for you. ;)


NP Odyssey said...

Romance or uncommitted sex, is Estelle caught between a rock and a hard place? (I know you just had a mental image)

Romance is a wonderful thing but can you handle the commitment while in school?
School is almost finished so what next are you still thinking of leaving La. for that first nursing job? Maybe that is where romance is going to happen?

Estelle Darling said...

Hahaha, NP. We won't mention what "hard place" I was think of. lol

School isn't for very much longer. I am not sure what is going to happen after graduation and boards, though. My family is here and so are all my friends.
But I think you might be right. Love is out there somewhere. :)

I V Y said...


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rnraquel said...

I know there is someone romantic out there for you :) probably someplace where you least expect to find them!

Absentbabinski said...

Unf. That kiss presses all kinds of the right buttons.

Kendra said...

Love that last one ;-)