Sunday, March 06, 2011

Why I Haven't Been Posting Lately...

The chick who told me this was the easiest semester might have been exaggerating just a *tiny* bit. Granted, this class is miles ahead of last semester but it is still by no means "easy".
Some of you may have already seen these if you are following me on Twitter or if I have text messaged them to you ;) but for the rest of my readers, this is what I have been up to lately:

Studying on the couch:

Skin lesion flashcards. Couldn't find a pair of scissors so I used trauma shears. Scissory enough to get the job done:
Studying burns with Mother Dearest at the doctor's office, waiting to get her stitches and staples out [carpal tunnel and ulnar release surgery]:
Study more skin lesions at Starbucks:
HESI review at Starbucks. I am drinking a chai tea frappachino. Favorite thing ever. Notice the highlighter colors. My little tribute to Mardi Gras...since I am too busy studying to do much partying:
Study at Starbucks again. The partner in crime was sitting across from me looking over mental health nursing:
The rare occastion when we are the only ones at our local Starbucks:
Studying respiratory distress with my dog, Rebel. He is no help what-so-ever but at least he is good company:
Looking over material from the nursing career/college fair. Emailing copies of my transcript to various school. Glass of blackberry marlot nearby [zomg. so good.]:
Sunset on the way home from study group. Just a few more months....


alanaransley said...

I haven't been studying as much as you have, and I take HESI April 8th. Eek! We have Spring Break next week, and the kids and I are heading to Louisiana to stay with my parents for a few days. I'm hoping to get some quality time in with my books. I have a neuro test to survive on Friday, first, and I'm terrified!

BTW, if you're still considering moving here, Memorial Hermann's internship deadline to apply is March 11th.

Matthew Emmert said...
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NP Odyssey said...

The couch is a great place to study if done right, mine is 7 feet long and with all the paperwork only enough space for one to sit down.

Love the dog picture

Laura Darling said...

Looks like you have been busy! I just found your blog and your profile made me laugh because it says "English major turned nursing student," and I am a nursing student turned English major! Ha!

CaLLie.ANN said...

Starbucks, Starbucks and MORE Starbucks. Definitely my most FAVORITE place. :)

Estelle Darling said...

@Alana - Don't let the photos fool you. I feel like I haven't been studying enough. Critical care throw me off. BLah. But I am making it. And thank you for the info. :)

@Matthew - Sorry I missed you, darling. Way too much to do that weekend so I ended up no partying at all. :(

@NP - Haha. That night he was staring at me like, "Mom, why are all these books in the bed with us?" lol

@Laura - Haha. Welcome to Word Lust, darling. Love the name, by the way. ;)

@CallieAnn - Yum. Coffee, study space, light jazz music and cute baristas all in the same place. What else could a girl want? lol