Friday, June 03, 2011

Love it

I saw this on another blog recently although but I cannot for the life of me find it on my RSS feed. Grrr. Anyway, the blogger was going through a rough time so she wrote all about the things she loves.
A very good idea, darling.
Shall we?
So, without rather a-do, the things that have been making me smile lately:

♥ Kid shampoo. Right now, my hair smells like strawberries. Tomorrow, it may be coconuts. :-)

♥ Studying for NCLEX. Okay, okay. I know it sounds crazy. But look at it like this: I have spent the past two years trying to cram as much information into my head as possible at a rate that is superhuman. In nursing school, you basically get a two year crash course in running a hospital from the ground up. Aunt Jo (Head Nurse) compares trying to learn all the information to trying to drink from a fire hose. It just comes at you too fast and you don't always have time to truly absorb it [much less, appreciate the complexities of a disease process or the delicate intricacies of some of the pharmacology]. Now that I am done, I can linger over the pages and make notes to myself. I can make connections that I may not have seen before or really take the time to look at a concept I might not totally understand. Plus, I am remembering more than I thought I would. Good news because I had assumed I would have to basically relearn everything from the past four semesters.

♥ Android smileys. They are too freaking cute. Seriously. If I ever do go over to the dark side and get an iPhone, I am going to miss them. Hmmm...unless I can figure out how to jailbreak it and still have the Android cuties. ;-)

♥ Lemonade. Especially strawberry or raspberry lemonade. Is there anything better on a summer day? Nope. I don't think there is.

♥ Lebanese ice tea. My favorite thing ever. Tea + lemony goodness + roses + extra pine nuts. Ahhh. Yum.

♥ Warm weather. I complained all winter about how cold it was here in south Louisiana [which is odd because we didn't even get any snow this year like we have in the past several]. Well...I got my wish. It is now summer and complete miserable here. Was 104 degrees today. Ugh. But in the early morning, when the sun is just starting to peak over the horizon, it is really nice. And considering I haven't really been sleeping much lately, I have seen quite a few sunrises.

♥ These rings. How cute are they?And DIY?!? Awesome. :-)

♥ My boyfriend's voice. Okay, don't tell him because he already thinks he has me wrapped around his finger but I could listen to him talk for hours...even if it is just him bitching about work. Yep. I kinda like the man.

♥ My Twitter nursing school buddies. Get on Twitter, ya'll. There is a whole healthcare/nurse/MD/pharmacy community. *Most* of them are awesome [You run into the occasional psycho but take the good with the bad, right?]

♥ This tattoo. I want it. OhMyGoodness...How I want it....Please someone tell me that the healthcare industry doesn't frown on visible tattoos. I am just dying to get one and the only places I want it are visible [on the wrist or behind my ear].

This blog post from NP Odyssey. I didn't think it was possible for this guy to be any more awesome...but apparently, it is. He wins me "Amazing Blogger" prize of the day. It has no cash value and can't be redeemed for anything other than my respect and admiration.

♥ My most resent obsession: Pinterest. This website is like 4 different kinds of addicting. Really. I think it took about 3 hours for my Twitter nursing pals to start pinning. The website describes itself like this: "Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste." You submit your email address and wait for an 'invite' but the time varies on how long it can take to be approved [any where from half an hour to a week] but members can invite their friends. So if you are interested, send me an email and I'll send you an invite. :-D

♥ The fact that my aunt talked to the HR people at her hospital and they are pulling my resume. "squeal* Nothing is guaranteed but I am just happy that someone will be taking a look at it rather than an automatic thing that searches for keywords.

♥ Finding out a few of my classmates received their ATTs today. The ATT (or Authorization To Test) is required to register for the NCLEX-RN. I saw on Facebook tonight that some of them are taking it in as little as two weeks. Yikes. I am pretty sure I'll get mine tomorrow or early next week and then...the real fun begins. :-)

♥ The fact that I am now able to listen to "our" old songs and not feel anything. Nothing negative. But also no desire to fix what we had or to make everything better. Some things are better broken, even if it is simply because all you would do by trying to fix it would be cutting yourself on the pieces.


Kendra said...

Great post! Sometimes we all just need to stop and smell the roses. And I need to remember to do the same thing myself. :-)

(as an aside...the word verification word on this comment is "fockness"

Amber said...


Okay, so I too just got new shampoo - Organix cherry blossom ginseng. It smells AWESOME (in addition to being sulfate-free, so hooray for not as much hair dye fade)!

I also just discovered the Android smileys and am in love. They are SO geeky-cute!

Lebanese iced tea sounds REALLY damn good. My current tea-bsession is Teas' Tea golden oolong bottled tea. I also love Thai iced tea whenever I can get it.

That tattoo is adorable and I really want another tattoo myself. Arrrrghhhh.

You are going to KICK ASS on that test. I just know it and when I "just know" things, they usually turn out true! Ask Niki! :D

And... funnily enough... I too have recently discovered that I can listen to my "our" songs without emotional response. It's such a relief, because they're REALLY good songs and I didn't want to lose them!

Tine said...

LOVE that tattoo!

SuzRocks said...

You'll do great on the NCLEX! And millions of nurses have visible tattoos. So no worries there. I've got one on my ear. I can hide it easily if I want with my hair though.

Good luck on the job search!!! Sorry that I don't know anyone in Lousiana to help you out. If you're headed to MI or CO, let me know. :)

Porsha Singleton said...

Great post! And I love that tattoo. I actually got a tattoo on my wrist a little higher than the tattoo photo. I took a watch that I wear often with me to the tattoo salon so that the artist can get an idea of how much the watch should cover up the tattoo if I need to be in a professional setting.